The future is yours
Innovative. Smart. Connected.

Our team is sharing the passion of finding innovative and smart solutions to make the world connected via human-centric technologies. We are building our products and services in synergy between the hardware and the software development.


To make our everyday life closer to tomorrow’s values for better living.


We focus on our goals for:

  • easy to use services and products
  • adding value to the user’s jorney
  • sustainable and retainable solutions
representing the synergy objectives of grimik

What is the way we focus on the goal for easy to use products and services?

Understanding the initial intend of the user is our starting point of every project. We design the solution as a flow of small and logic steps of actions. To achieve that we observe and analyze the behavior of the user not only in some particular situation, but also in general – based on demographics and psychographics characteristic.

Having all the data in mind we are able to serve a service or a product with easy to use design of logic.

Furthermore we continue to оbserve and improve.

How we add value to the user’s journey with our products and services?

Starting with the need of solving some problem, the user has a way to choose. It is in human’s nature to prefer something known and safe. And what comes next is the question about how easy and what “on top” gives every solution. The benefits can be direct or to save time, money and efforts. We find as more valuable products and services with emotional, life changing and social impact.

From the very begging thru every step on the way, we keep in mind how to provide extra value for the user’s journey.

Why our products and services are sustainable and retainable?

We lay hold very responsible of the investments our customers and users are making, using the services and the products we provide. It is very important for us the benefits of their choice to continue over long term.
And without that hinder the normal availability of money and time resources.

Keeping the audience engaged with our hardware and software solutions is possible only when we continue to improve and adapt to their wants and needs.

Those two aspects secure not only our business model, but also the one of our partners.