The team members of GRIMIK are professionals in the field of hardware and software development. They are guided by the best engineering and project management practices. is mobile application for iOS and Android. It’s easy to use app to scan QR codes and to read NFC items with compatible devices.

Quick Responses Codes (QR codes) are squer-matrix bacrodes you can find on business cards, packages, labels and more. The information they contain can be read with the camera on smartphone and processed with dedicated application, for example the we have made.

QR codes are making the access to information faster and easier. They can be used for redirecting to URL, for “Virtual stores”, also for payments and many more.

Near field communication (NFC) is a popular payment and data communication method. Based on this standard, two devices can transfer information in short distance over the radio frequency of 13.56 MHz . This is why the technology more safe, compared to Bluetooth broadcasting and the Wi-Fi. The NFC requires compatible device.

NFC can be found in credit cards for the contactless payments, tickets and also in various souvenirs and merchandise.